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Homes For Sale

For some, the thought of building a custom log home from scratch can be overwhelming. Knowing this, we often try to have a Jubach Log Home in the build process that a buyer can purchase and make design decisions, dependent on where are during the process. These are often referred to as spec homes.

We don't currently have any spec homes for sale, but please call us to talk through our custom build process!


Consider getting started with your own custom log home! Click here to learn more about our land development and building process, or contact us to learn more.

Get Started

  1. Select Your Property

    Pick your property from our already developed land offerings. Waterfalls, spring-fed lakes, tree canopies – you’ll find it all in our developed properties.

  2. View our Gallery

    Browse our gallery of homes to get design ideas and inspiration. If you see a home you like, we may even be able to arrange for a personal tour so you can see it for yourself.

  3. Think Through Your Needs or Pick Floor Plans

    Think about how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, how many acres you’d like to invest in, and other high-level specifications for your home. Or, if you would rather build from an existing floor plan, select a few of your favorites and we’ll draw up a custom design for you.

  4. Schedule an Appointment

    We’d love to meet you and learn more about your log home vision and goals. When we meet, we can determine what properties you want to see, and if you want to view any of our previously built log homes for ideas and inspiration.