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Investment Property

A dream come true …

Escape the stresses of everyday life to Hocking Hills serenity.
Own a piece of the Hocking Hills paradise so you can visit anytime.
Invest in a second home that you can pass down for generations.

Whether you’re envisioning a custom-designed log home to pass down for generations, a secluded getaway to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, or simply an investment property that will maintain its value, The Jubach Company is your trusted partner for turning your log home dreams into reality!

A Jubach log home can pay for itself!

With our Invest-A-Vacation Model, you’ll be able to offset your costs to own while also maintaining the base investment of the actual log home.

Quality – A Jubach log home will last for generations to come, so you can pass down your log home and keep the Hocking Hills memories growing well into the future.
Cover Your Costs – You’ll be able to enjoy a second home in the Hocking Hills when you want, and cover your costs by renting it when you’re not using it.
Do you love visiting the Hocking Hills? By owning your own home and renting it, you’ll save thousands in renting a cabin. If you rent a modest cabin in the Hocking Hills six weekends a year, that adds up to more than $10,000/year!
A True Investment – Owning a log home in the Hocking Hills is a sound investment decision. With increasing property values and three to five million visitors every year, the steadily increasing trend of visitors is a great indicator of rental bookings.
Rental Support – Our partnership with Cabins by the Cave makes renting your property a breeze. They’ll manage as much or as little of the rental process as you’d like!

Invest-A-Vacation Model

Annual Costs
Management fees: $24,750
Hassle-free management system includes:

  • Rental damages reimbursed
  • Advertising
  • Rental booking
  • Guest services
  • Sales
  • Bed tax collection
  • Cleaning

Trash Pick-up: $300
Electric Bill: $3,600
Cable TV: $1,200
Cleaning Supplies: $240
Hot Tub Chemicals: $180
Snow Plowing: $300
Pest Control: $400
Annual Taxes (estimated): $8,000
Annual Insurance for a Rental (estimated): $2,500

Sample Yearly Earnings
Annual Revenue, Rental Rate: $575 (average)
Expected Occupancy: 27% (conservative), which leaves you enjoying your log home more than 267 days/year
Total Revenue: $55,000/year
Total Costs: $41,470/year

YOUR RETURN: $13,530….. While you enjoy your log home with family and friends 267 days/year!

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Important Notes:
Jubach does not actually manage investment properties. We do make the process easy for you by putting you in contact with a great partner of ours who can talk through any questions you have, and ultimately, can manage the property for you. Please note, these costs are estimates that were based on current rates when we priced them. Costs change on a regular basis, so these are included to help you see the full picture of what costs go into managing an investment property.