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One of the most exciting things about building a log home in the Hocking Hills is selecting the picturesque setting for your new log home. You’ll enjoy these year-round views through large windows in your home.

Finding land that is best suited for building can bring headaches, risks and challenges. That’s why Jubach Log Homes does all of this for you! We want your log home building process to be stress-free and enjoyable, so we do all of the land development to prepare a build-ready homesite.

What does that mean for you?

You don’t have to scroll through property listings to find available acreage, search for easements and deed restrictions, walk hundreds of acres of land to find “the property,” spend years putting in driveways and utilities, working through permit processes, and the many pieces that go into developing raw land into a proper homesite. We do it all for you – you simply browse our hundreds of already developed acres and pick the property you love.

We painstakingly search for quality land that features the breathtaking scenery of the Hocking Hills. We spend years developing these parcels into headache-free homesites.

We have already developed more than 1,500 acres of land in the Hocking Hills into fully developed lots – ranging from six to 40 acres – that are ready to build on. With properties backing up to the state forest and state parks (Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave, Clear Creek Metro Park, etc.), in close proximity to U.S. 33 and scattered throughout the secluded areas of the region, there is a property perfect for you.

We have every amenity you could want, ranging from:

  • Mature woods to open meadows
  • Rock formations to waterfalls
  • Ridge tops to rolling valleys
  • Creeks and ponds
  • Complete seclusion on township roads to convenient access to city amenities (hospitals/restaurants/stores/etc.)
  • Short, easy-access driveways to long, winding driveways deep into properties

What do our properties include?

All Jubach properties are fully developed with state, county and township approvals for access and health department certification, with existing utilities and driveway systems – all offering ready-to-build properties for your dream log home.

Industrial Grade Road Systems

Industrial-Grade Road Systems

We have decades of experience building in the Hocking Hills terrain, so we know what to expect from general wear and tear of your driveway, and how to help prevent headaches whenever possible. To ensure your driveway lasts as long as possible with as little maintenance as possible, we:

  • Dig and prep proper beds for the driveway
  • Install a geothermal cloth as a base to sustain gravel retention and minimize vegetation growth
  • Build in proper drainage along the driveway to minimize it washing away with rain
  • Level the driveway for optimal drainage
  • Place proper crushed stone and gravel layers for sustainability
  • Ensure the finished driveway is fine-tuned to best withstand wear and tear, weather and time

Why it’s important to you:

Your driveway will last much longer when it’s properly installed, and will require much less ongoing maintenance. By ensuring proper drainage in and around your driveway, your gravel won’t wash away and become covered with silt and sediment during a rainstorm.

Underground Utilities

Underground Utilities

We partner with the local electric provider to ensure electric lines are safely and discreetly run underground to your homesite. For your home’s heating source, we coordinate the propane setting and gas leak testing. We also ensure your home is wired for cable/internet for ease of hook-up.

Why it’s important to you:

You don’t have to worry about unexpected costs (such as per-foot underground wiring and pole charges from the electric company), or risks (such as freezing pipes) associated with not having proper utilities in place early in the building process.

Waste Water & Well

Waste Treatment & Well Systems

We partner with local authorities to ensure your waste water and well systems are developed in the most sustainable way possible for your property. We obtain proper permits and water testing from the county health department to ensure your water is safe.

Why it’s important to you:

Having a waste treatment and well system that’s properly sized for your home, and properly placed on your property, will maximize their life span and minimize headaches down the road.

Gated Entrances

Gated Entrances

Gated entrances not only provide an elegant welcome to your property, but they also provide security and privacy. We understand that our homeowners may not be able to visit their homes every week – or even every month – so gated driveways provide an extra level of security by keeping out wondering explorers.

Why it’s important to you:

Your secluded home will remain private and off the beaten path, so you can rest easy when you’re not there.

We have more than 1,500 acres already developed and ready for your new log home!

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