Our Family Business

The Jubach Company is owned and operated by the Jubach Family. Tim Jubach is the father of Tim, Chris and Sarah and the four of them have created an amazing operation to help make their clients’ dreams a reality.

Tim Sr. has a background of 30 years in mechanical and industrial engineering and has spent his career developing the art of streamlining businesses for quality and efficient cycle times. Much of his accomplishments were evident through his work at GE, Pratt & Whitney, Allied Signal, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Ratheon, just to name a few. Through his experience he knows that by eliminating the inefficiency of an organization, you can deliver a quality product in a proficient time frame. He began his familiarity with log homes back in 1991 when he built his first log home in Hocking Hills for weekend enjoyment with his family. After building a number of log homes for personal use, he began The Jubach Company in 2002 and now resides permanently in the Hocking Hills region with his wife, Karen. Tim is the property and log home design specialist for The Jubach Company and brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients and his family business partners.

Tim Jubach finished his Undergraduate Degree in Business from The Ohio State University in 2001 and began working for Delphi as an operations supervisor. Here he grew his knowledge and experience with total quality management and six sigma innovation. After a few years of factory work, he quickly realized that being in charge of his own destiny by helping to run the family business offered the opportunity for him to bring a level of expertise that would take the business to the next level. Tim joined forces with the family business in 2003 and in the same year finished his MBA from Capital University.  In 2020 Tim took on the role of President of Jubach Construction, presiding over building the family’s luxury log homes.

Sarah Claypool finished her Undergraduate Degree in Business from Franklin University in 2000 and spent her first years of employment after college working for the Huntington Investment Company. She gained a great deal of knowledge about customer relations, product accuracy and team work. After deciding to take her career in a new direction, it became evident that a place at The Jubach Company would offer a perfect fit for her expertise. Sarah joined the family business in 2005 and handled the sales and marketing for the company for many years, then in 2020 she transitioned her role to land development and real estate sales to allow for more time with you two young daughters.  Sarah obtained her Ohio Real Estate license in the fall of 2008 and enjoys helping with the company’s land acquisitions as well as assisting clients in all their real estate needs.

Chris Jubach began building traditional style homes as well as log homes in 2000 and found that log home construction offered more of a craftsmanship style and allowed a certain level of creativity that traditional style homes just didn’t provide. After working for other builders for a few years, he decided that building a business for himself would offer a more rewarding lifestyle. This brought him to join forces with his father in 2002 to begin what is now The Jubach Company. After years of successfully growing the company, in 2016 Chris decided to follow his dream of joining his local law enforcement agency and put himself through the Columbus Police Academy and is now a police officer in his local city. He still continues a presence with The Jubach Company by helping to maintain the many lots that are held in the company’s portfolio.

Pete Dennis is the newest member to join The Jubach Company in 2020 and is the new director of sales and marketing.  Pete earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio University and an MBA from Franklin University and has spent the last 30 years working in media sales. Pete brings a great deal of knowledge in marketing and sales to the company as well as a strong customer service background that will aid in the experience of building luxury log homes in the Hocking Hills.