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Our Standard Practices

  • Maximizing Views

    We work with you to design a custom home that truly maximizes your views and property – from the orientation of the home, to the location of large windows.

  • Exterior Log Quality & Treatment

    Our exteriors are built using northern white pine logs that are properly dried and milled to our engineering specifications in our own saw mill. They are treated with One TIME® Wood Protector that penetrates the wood deeply and protects against water damage, as well as UV damage caused by sunlight and natural weathering. It also helps prevent chalking and related wash-down staining.

  • Fireplaces & Chimneys

    Local skilled stonemasons, still practicing their disappearing art, are employed for construction of our stone fireplaces and chimneys.

  • Foundation Protection

    We install proper water diversion systems in our underground plumbing, as well as drain tile around the inside and outside of the foundation to pull all the water away from your home. We also apply a waterproofing membrane to the exterior of our foundations.

  • Individual Customization

    As a custom builder, we can ensure every vision becomes reality in your new log home. From darker, contrasting trim stains to barn doors, the sky really is the limit!

  • Photo of driveway being installed.

    Industrial-Grade Driveway

    We know the terrain in the Hocking Hills can bring challenges, so we take extraordinary measures to ensure your driveway withstands the test of time and weather. We dig the bed, install a geothermal cloth, and layer crushed stone and gravel to ensure your driveway functions as well in 10 years as it does on day one.

  • Photo of leaf guard gutter system.

    Leaf-Guard Gutter Systems

    We install gutter systems with leaf guards to help keep leaves out, which minimizes maintenance and keeps water properly moving away from your home.

  • Locally Grown & Crafted Hardwood

    The hardwood used in our interiors is grown locally and crafted by our exclusive cabinet shop. This wood is used throughout the interiors of the house from the floor, cabinets, paneling, railing and other finishing trim.

  • Photo of wood walls inside a log cabin.

    Hardwood Walls

    We use a multi-species wood mixture of maple, red oak, white oak, sassafras and hickory on the interior walls to bring the colors and textures of nature into the home.

  • Natural Landscaping

    A final landscaping is applied to every property using local stones and rocks to enhance the woodland beauty of the surrounding area and home.

  • Premium Products

    We use premium building materials, including fixtures, to ensure function is as important as beauty.

  • Photo of patio doors and windows.

    Premium Windows & Doors

    We use premium building materials, such as Pella windows and doors, to ensure proper function for decades to come.

  • Quality Kitchen

    We know the kitchen is where you spend a great deal of time, so we go to great lengths to ensure this space is special. We work with a specialty cabinet maker that makes cabinets – custom for each home – out of quality hardwoods. They can be customized with various design features, as well as a wide variety of stains and colors.

  • Photo of a back hoe digging a hole.

    Utilities, Waste Water & Well

    When you buy a Jubach property, the underground utilities, waste water and well systems are already developed in the most sustainable way possible for your property. All of these costs are built into the cost of the property.